Portillo' newest interview (audio version)

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Portillo' newest interview (audio version) Empty Portillo' newest interview (audio version)

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newest interview 2/5....Spainsh

newest interview ... s-y-por-la-aficiono

Press conference of Opening
“We must leave to the 200% by us and the liking”
The answer of the fans has stood out
The forward has appeared this morning before mass media to speak of the party with Real Madrid

He listens Opening. 1032Kb
The first reference has had to the liking like protagonist: “The liking has been all the year with us and the field today presented/displayed an excellent aspect. Now Sunday is called on to give back ourselves to us it with a joy”.

From there, the press conference has concentrated in the party before Real Madrid: “The equipment Arrives that is going to be league champion. We have respect to him, but nonfear. We must leave to the 200% by us and the liking. Sincerely it gives me just as champion comes or no, because we must confront the party so what. No of the 11 players must be below the 200%. As far as the atmosphere that is going away to find; I believe that a mountain is becoming of a sand granite. Our field is special, because we received the heat of the liking, but when we are visitors do not give anything either to us. And on the corridor, while he secures the three points, I make corridor and what lack does”.

In their appearance, the journalists have not ignored either their personal situation: “Now it is not moment for speaking of Javi Opening. It is necessary to think about the equipment and when we are saved already there will be time to reflect. Only fodder in having an opportunity and helping the equipment. People are very positive and we are going to confront the party with all the desire of the world”.

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