Mihajlovic Blames Mourinho Training For Inter Injuries

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Mihajlovic Blames Mourinho Training For Inter Injuries Empty Mihajlovic Blames Mourinho Training For Inter Injuries

Post  dicanio_michael on Wed Aug 27, 2008 11:31 pm

The former Nerazzurri stopper was ousted alongside Roberto Mancini to make room for Jose and co. Mihajlovic is still bitter with the way he was shown the door and he has attacked Mourinho’s tough training methods.

The Serbian believes the coach’s hard graft style will only serve to burn out the players and tire them before the season even begins.

“Mourinho’s preparations seem a bit too strange to me,” Mihajlovic told Tuttosport.

“It’s not usually the case that teams train with the football from the very first day of pre-season.

“We are usually used to doing plenty of fitness work, running in the forests and strength work in the gym.

“Only once in my career did I go through a different training method and that was under Luis Cesar Menotti at Sampdoria.

“We used to start off the first few days at 2000kmh an hour and then we couldn’t even stay on our feet afterwards.”

Inter have been enjoying a good pre-season but Mihajlovic seems to blame Mourinho for all the club’s recent injuries because of his tough training style.

A number of players have all been forced off the training pitch with injuries this summer at Appiano Gentile Adriano and Zlatan Ibrahimovic to name a few.


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